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Tasha // 15 // they/them


As someone who is mix/white passing I think it was wrong and gross that the waterfall dev would harassed and stalk someone they don’t know so they can “prove” they’re not black bc they have light skin so they can have woke points

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happy pride, pikachu is lesbian & trans

feel free to use as icons!

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05.10.19 ✨ nintendo, new york

Trans + Bi Teru icons

Free to use but credit is appreciated!

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My off the hook edits are just 20% more gay

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pwunchy 🍒 ✨

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My sunny Cassandra ☀️

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An unfinished embroidery piece. Shout out to frogs for existing

Off the hook edits by me!

They’re thinking about....their octo gf...

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